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(Jesus says) “If you wish that I give you the streams of pure water,

Go, and call your husband; I shall not imitate your reproach;

I shall not say:  “You are a woman of Samaria,

And how is it you ask for water?”  I do not increase your thirst; for I have

brought you to thirst through thirst.

I exaggerated being thirsty and I was tormented by thirst

In order that I might reveal

you as thirsty—

Go, then and call your husband and return.  The woman said, “I think that I have

No husband,” and the Creator said to her:

“Truly do you have none?  You have five, the sixth you do not possess,’

So that you may receive

Exceeding great joy and redemption.”

O wise enigmas!  O wise characteristics!  In the faith of the woman is pictured

All the features of the church in true colors

which do not grow old, for the way in which a the woman denied husband when she had many,

is just the way church denied many gods, like husbands,

and left them and became betrothed

to one Master in coming forth from the water.

She had five husbands and sixth she did not have, and leaving the five

husbands of impiety, she now takes Thee, as the sixth, as she comes

from the water

Exceeding great joy and redemption…

The espoused church of the nations, then, left these things,

and she hurries to the well of

the baptismal font

And denies the things of the past, just as the woman of Samaria did;

for she did not conceal what had formerly been true from Him who knows all in


But she said, “Even if I formerly had husbands, I do not know wish to have

these husbands which I did have; for I know possess Thee who has now taken me in

Thy net;

And I am by faith rescued from the filth of my sins

That I have receive

Exceeding joy and redemption.”

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