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Luther commenting on Galatians 1: 3: 

 “Grace to you and peace  from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ”

“The Apostle’s greeting is new to the world and had never been heard before the proclamation of the Gospel. Grace and peace—these two words embrace the whole of Clhristianity.  Grace forgives sin, and peace stills the conscience.  The two devils who plague us are sin and conscience, the power of the Law and the sting of sin (1 Cor. 15: 56).  But Christ has conquered these two monsters and trodden them underfoot, both in this age and in the age to come…The more we work and sweat to extricate ourselves from sin, the worse off we are.  For there is no way to remove sin except by grace…Many have worked hard, inventing various religous orders and disciplines, to find peace and  quiet conscience, but instead they have plunged even more deeply into even greater mistery, for such tactics are merely ways of multiplying doubt and despair.  Therefore your bones and mine will know no rest until we hear the Word of grace and cling to it firmly and faithfully.”

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