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Agnus Day

The following comic strip is on  today’s Holy Gospel,  St. Luke 16:  19-23.  Agnus Day is by Lutheran Pastor,  James Wetzstein: Agnus Day Comics. He cites a scholarly citation in the quoted intro below.  It is an interesting look at this Lesson.    

“Some of the rarer manuscripts add the editorial comment that Jesus also told this story in Bethany at the banquet given for his friend (the comfortably middle-class) Lazarus, after he was raised. According to this variant, everyone at the table had a good laugh. That Jesus is such a kidder.”

After all, did Lazarus,  the dead brother of Mary and Martha (St. John 11) do anything to raise himself from the dead? Wasn’t it all by the Word of Christ Jesus?  As Vicar Jim preached on Saturday:  did the poor man Lazarus have any good works in order to gain heaven to be at the bosom of Abraham?    And days before Luther died, he said, “It is true, we are all beggars.”   –Pr. Schroeder

 Agnus Day appears with the permission of http://www.agnusday.org

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